Learn How To Play The Hungry Shark Evolution Effectively

Hungry Shark World

The Hungry Shark World Mobile Game has caught on a huge fan following with the awesome 3D graphic, some mind blowing sounds and the fast pace of the game. You can download it straight away from Google Play and launch into the attack and stay in the fray to be alive and kicking off your adversaries under leagues of water.

Now that you are already into the game, some effective tips to play the game can gain you the better advantage of the time that you are spending on it. If you are through the initial levels of survival, it is the time that you take stock of your resources well as you have to pay to play.

hungry shark world

Each day there are coins and diamonds that you can win by tapping at the shops. There are also some trailers watching which gains you substantial amounts of coins. you can try finding new sources for coins and gems if you want more of them, just like now a days Hungry Shark Evolution Hack is very popular and is claiming that it can generate resources free. (just try it at your own risk. it is just an information of other sources.) Finally, make sure that before you launch into the mayhem of the deep, take a good look at the map and look for the treasure chests that you can continue to increase for four consecutive days and then start the cycle again.

Once you are with the bigger Sharks, there is naturally more power and fierce attack that they are capable of, but at the same time, there are also bigger enemies that you will have to deal with. The basic thrust of the game is that the more that your Shark eats, the more it increases it’s HP and stamina boost. There are some Anglers and the Gulper fish that you can look forward to eating up, and you can find them in the cave on the right.

When there are Submarines to take care of before they can cause any damage to your Shark. The Daddy Shark are the best known to counter the submarine lot but in general, the best way to deal with them by any Shark is to boost into them and move fast. This will ensure that they are not able to fire the Torpedoes and cause any damage. Eating the submarine and avoiding disaster is crucial and the only way out is banging them with the pace the moment you hear the sonar sound and move out fast to eat the broken Sub.

If you are playing with the Hammerhead, you have a good company eating as many as forty crabs that helps in boosting it’s meter. Find three sunken objects with it and also eat five stingrays to get the maximum number of coins. The Shark also feasts on the Sardines and a host of the small feast to accomplish it’s mission with a neat one thousand and five hundred coins.

Move on and let your Tiger Shark grow into the Great White Shark and see it’s power in the waters. It is second only to the mighty Megalodon that is the ultimate attack launcher with the attack on the Giant Crab stinging while avoiding the attack. Make sure that your Megalodon takes some rich diet to keep it’s stamina intact when attacking the Giant Crab and never let it go below forty percent.

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